Give your siding a new look!

Your aluminum siding may be extremely durable, but it still ages. The factory finish on aluminum siding eventually fades from the sun and needs to be painted.

All Pointes Painting SPRAYTECH™ paint solution can restore vibrancy to your home and protect it from the elements for many years. Aluminum and vinyl siding can be restored to a ‘better than new’ appearance. while vinyl siding manufacturers may offer a dozen or so color choices, paint offers almost limitless color possibilities.


Aluminum siding first gained popularity during the 1940s as a durable and easy-to-maintain alternative to traditional wood siding products. While durable aluminum siding can last for decades when properly maintained, its painted finish can fade over time thanks to weather, sun exposure and the effects of oxidation.

Home owners recognize the difference immediately when speaking to us about refinishing their siding. Our SPRAYTECH™ paint solution adds years to their homes and our high-quality service and work positions us as a leader in our industry. Find out today why home owners say that All Pointes Painting is Michigan’s #1 Most Trusted paint company.

Give your home a
curb appeal boost this spring!

If your homes aluminum or vinyl siding is faded, don’t replace it, refinish! It is more economical to paint versus the installation of new vinyl siding.

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